Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love PCs but want a Mac OS? Lifehacker writes about hardware choices when building a “Hackintosh”


Lifehacker website recently posted an article about building a “hackintosh” or in layman's terms a standard PC with Macintosh OCX. These guides are written from time to time but hardware ages fairly quick so an update is always welcome. It doesn't come as a big surprise to see a GIGABYTE board selected as the core component as they are pretty hackintosh friendly and GIGABYTE also has the widest range of boards that support OCX. Here is what the writer had to say:

Your choice of motherboard is pretty restricted to motherboards that are known to work and have an existing file called a DSDT. DSDT stands for Differentiated System Description Table and basically tells Mac OS X about the hardware in your machine.

So how do you find these DSDTs? Tonymacx86's site (a resource you'll use often) has a DSDT database where you can download them for specific motherboards.

Read more here.

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