Thursday, September 30, 2010

GO OC 2010 WWF aftermovie, top3 interviews and 1300 photos!


Gigabyte - GOOC 2010 - Interview with Matose (Winner)

Gigabyte - GOOC 2010 - Interview with Stephenyeong (2nd Place)

Gigabyte 技嘉 - GOOC 2010 - Interview with speedtime.wing 訪談"極之時代"的 (3rd Place)

Overclocking TV crew took over 1300 photos. Here are some of the highlights so far (scroll down the page)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GO OC 2010 World Wide Final was a heart-attack invoking affair for Monstru (…almost hahah)!

Monstru, Romania’s legendary overclocker and journo, explains his ordeal during a nerve wrecking GO OC 2010 World Wide Final. Matose held his nerve until the final bell and was announced this year’s GO OC 2010 WW Champion. Have a look at this hilarious interview with the big man (small language warning :D).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

And the winners are???

3rd place speedtime.wing from China.

2nd place to stevenyeong from Hong Kong

And the winner is... Matose from Romania

Congrats to all the overclockers. There was some amazing competition from all over the world throughout the year.

We're already excited to see what's in store for next year, but now it's time to celebrate.

10 Minutes Left of Competition

1hour to Go for GO OC

Matose is still in the lead, but stevenyeong is creeping on up in points. The last half hour is going to be exciting as the top 4 current OCers are neck and neck. But, it's still anyone's game as some guys are waiting to post their best benches for the end.

1 hour, 50 Minutes to go for GO OC Competition

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GO OC Setup

Overclockers have arrived after hopefully getting a good night's sleep and are busy setting up their systems. 45 minutes to go and the battle is on.

More Girls of GO OC

Sometimes working for Gigabyte is really tough

GO OC Officially Begins

GO OC Welcome Show

GO OC Setup 2

15 more minutes till showtime



Location:JīnShān North Rd,Jhongjheng District,Taiwan