Thursday, May 18, 2017

$@39@ from Greece takes down two global first scores in GPUPI using X99 SOC Champion

Greece's best overclocker,  $@39@, has done some serious benching with our X99 SOC Champion motherboard to take down two global first top scores in GPUPI benchmark (Score_1, Score_2).


Sunday, May 7, 2017

AORUS custom CSGO maps launched on Steam Workshop, who wants to 1v1 in aim_arena?

We have some exciting news today. We've worked with a map developer, Luke Matilla, best known for this weather changing CSGO maps. This time Luke's had his eye on arena like aim battles with various themes including rails, plywood, construction and arches.

The intention of these custom aim maps is to help to improve player aim and reaction speed. The maps are set within a arena-like environment and come with a cheering crowd. The only question you have to ask; will the crowd be cheering for your defeat or for your victory?

To play the maps, you can subscribe to custom maps on steam workshop under The AORUS collection

Here are the individual map links as well!





You can also connect directly to maps via a server we are hosting in various regions (open console in csgo and type connect (Australia would be connect

- Australia:
- North America:
- Europe: