Thursday, June 7, 2012

A trip down (overclocking) memory lane at ABC!

I recently spoke to Nick Ross from ABC in Australia who wanted to tell his audience about Ivy Bridge and general recent brief history of overclocking and how different platforms shone over the years and were hailed by geeks as the next best thing and their rise or fall from grace. I hope it’s an interesting read for some of the older geeks out there who were into all the different platforms mentioned. Nick gives the article an introduction in the preface (for full story visit this link):
Overclocking is when you alter computer settings to make processors run faster. At a basic level this can mean boosting a computer's performance for free. At an extreme level, this can mean using liquid nitrogen to obtain speeds that perform set tasks in world record times and doing this has become a globally-competitive 'sport'. Through establishing which components most-easily break in their quest to push performance boundaries, overclockers have helped make consumer-level computers become faster and more stable. These guys are the Formula 1 of computing. So when Intel formally launched a new processor last night, these guys with their push-to-the-limit benchmarking techniques, were the people to answer the question, "is it any good?"

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