Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Ivy Bridge world record @ 7089.33MHz

Last week there was a few scores going around based on 3770K CPUs clocking past the magic 7GHz mark with one to silence them all by hicookie using the GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H board. Cookie reached 7089.33MHz with the 3770K. Results were posted a week ago on HWBOT.ORG.


GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H board has some “-OC board” genes but slightly adapted to general audience as well [including the name itself ;-)].


If you guys look for the new extreme OC board, this one should do alright. Here is an extreme OC bios for you as well (download link). It has some tweaks that help with extreme cold. We’ve also added a 3DMARK01 boost option (i wonder what it does hehe).


By the way, bench with 105MHz+ bclock as it will help with cold bug. I would also force Gen2 PCIe in this bios option when benching subzero 3D! For more subzero benching tips you can watch my Z77 overclocking video guide with Ivy Bridge 3770K (warning, movie size long! heheh)

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  1. Hi guys, thank you for the article. Great stuff and it's nice to see how far CPUs have come in the last few years. Just a quick note though, an overclocking team broke the Guinness Record last year with AMD's FX processor, clocking a world record of 8.4GHz. You can watch the video here:


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