Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bust-a-rhyme competition under way at OCAU, check out what hilarious Aussies are rhyming about!!!

OCAU (Overclockers Australia) is putting on a show with a serious(ly funny) bust-a-rhymes competition as TeamAU prepares to tour New Zealand and then Melbourne with their highly popular GIGABYTE Extreme OC Workshop.

The real fun started already with forum members bustin’ some serious rhymes to win a motherboard. This is going to be a corker so make sure you visit the thread every day for new posts! I hear some videos will also appear later tonight.


TeamAU is a group of killer overclockers from Austral-Asian region travelling the Australia and New Zealand and sharing their wealth of experience in LN2 benching. This time round they are making two stops with GIGABYTE. First stop is Auckland, New Zealand. Playtech is the host of this show. Monash University in Melbourne’s host. For more details follow this LINK.


Hardware of choice is GIGABYTE’s record breaking Z77 range and Intel 3770K Ivy Bridge CPUs.


This year we are looking at livestreams as well and some interesting competitions to spice things up a bit during the workshop. I will update the blog when the first event kicks off!. In the meantime keep an eye on one of the funniest threads you will read

Don’t miss it!

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