Thursday, October 20, 2011

GIGABYTE Z68AP-D3 board is 'Talk of the Town’ in the UK – Wins ‘Amazing Value’ Award on


We’ve seen plenty of our Z68 boards enjoy the expert scrutiny of tech reviewers worldwide, including our flagship UD7 and G1. Sniper 2 offerings. Vortex however have published a review where our value segment is the focus of attention. Available in the UK for mite under 80 British pounds, the concept behind the GIGABYTE Z68AP-D3 is an easy one to grasp; you get to enjoy all the benefits of the Intel Z68 platform, including things like Smart Response, Virtu graphics switching and GIAGBYTE Touch BIOS, without deepening anyone’s economic woes. This is what reviewer David Mitchelson had to say on the subject:

GIGABYTE’s Z68AP-D3 is the talk of the town at the moment with retailers really pushing it into the market-place but is it worth your consideration? Consider the performance, overclocking and features and you have yourself some real ‘bang for buck. …compared against high-end offerings and flagships –  the D3 actually did admirably and can be commended. You wouldn’t expect a board of its calibre to overclock so well either, 4.9GHz was possible under air cooling…

The bottom line is GIGABYTE’s Z68AP-D3 stands out as a great value for money offering. Those who just need a Z68 motherboard that performs great for a low cost should consider the D3, you will be hard pushed to find something for such a low cost.”


Find the full review here on

The Z68AP-D3 board and all it’s details can be examined here.

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