Thursday, August 30, 2012

cFos: Speeds up your downloads


For those of us who download hefty data packages from the the Internet,maybe Online game services like Steam or Origin or shared HD video content, waiting for the download to finish can of course be a real pain. And having a the best Internet connection isn’t always a guarantee that your throughput is optimal. This is where cFos software can make a difference.

cFos is an app currently bundled on our G1.Sniper M3 and Z77X-UD5H boards, and according to the data, it actually does a very good job of speeding up your downloads – in some cases by more than doubling your speed. Essentially working as a network driver, cFos optimizes data traffic by means of Traffic Shaping.

Check out the difference it can make to your download speeds:

Here’s a video that show exactly what it can do:


  1. some massive speed increases particularly with games updates hitting up to 10GB sometimes, this could shave off hours off some people's downloads

  2. I have a ga-z77x-ud5h, where can i download this software?


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