Friday, August 24, 2012

Aristidis wins all three Ultra Durable 5 boards in the GIGABYTE ‘Classic Challenge’ OC competition

Earlier today we announced the conclusion of our GIGABYTE Classic Challenge competition hosted on HWBot for the last few weeks. Remarkably, we saw Greek overclocker Aristidis complete the pretty incredible feat of winning both competition stages to win not only the prizes for each stage (an X79S-UP5 WIFI for stage 1 plus a X79-UP4 for stage 2), but also the bonus prize awarded for doing so, a forthcoming GIGABYTE F1A85X-UP4.


Here’s how Aristidis’ scored:

Stage 1 - 3DMark 01 – 160342 marks
Stage 2 – SuperPi 32M – 6 min 55 seconds
(CPU Locked at 4.5GHz)

You can check out the full press release with all the details, or visit the HWBot competition page right here.

Congrats to Aristidis!

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