Monday, August 13, 2012

Watercooling, everything you need to know about it in a video!

Hey guys,

I wanted to give you a heads up about a really good video about PC watercooling that people at Newegg put together. You wouldn’t normally associate Newegg with WC but they went out of their usual product line stuff to educate their customers in art of watercooling. That’s really cool Newegg, GG!

Newegg invited Lee from PCjunkieMods to talk about how to get into this crazy hobby. Lee is pretty incredible, just check out some of his work on the site I liked to. He’s only really been on the scene for a couple of years guys, this isn’t rocket science by any stretch of the imagination. Check out some of his incredible work and little tips and tricks how to get started!

Open-mouthed smile

Thanks to Newegg TV for such a fantastic video! You guys should check out their channel and subscribe I reckon. They’re doing a fantastic job!

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  1. Compression fittings are definitely best. It's best to leave your tube about 1-2 inches (depending on your space) long so you don't have to worry about shrinking tubes. While colored coolants are pretty, select one that is non-conductive. Distilled water is still the best coolant but require anti corrosion additives. Always spend the few more bucks for the best quality parts. :) Nice video - Patriot Viper and Pyros! And, GIGABYTE G1 Killer boards!


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