Friday, July 31, 2015

Want to Learn How to Overclock? Check Out These Videos From HWBOT

Overclocking is a hot (so to speak) topic in the hardware enthusiast community. But for those that are new to the community, or unfamiliar with overclocking, getting started might be a little intimidating.

But fear not, our friends at HWBOT have put together a series of guides on their SkatterBencher YouTube channel that goes through the basics of setting up a system for overclocking and doing your first overclock.

Check them out here:

Friday, July 24, 2015

GIGABYTE BRIX S BXi5H-5200 Gets a Recommended Award From Legit Reviews

The GIGABYTE BRIX is one of the most unique and exciting products we've released in a long time, and we are always pleased when it gets recognized by the press.

Legit Reviews recently reviewed our GIGABYTE BRIX S GB-BXi5H-5200 and had this to say:

Gigabyte has you covered regardless of your needs.  If you want a more powerful processor, they have BRIX models with Intel i7 processors.  If you want more gaming power, the BRIX Gaming with a discrete graphics card would be for you.  The BRIX s GB-BXi5H-5200 is the middle of the line model, that is powerful enough for the average home or business user.  It would make a great mini desktop for a home theater system or for people with tight living space.
The Gigabyte BRIX s has a lot to offer for those that wants a powerful and stable mini system.  The option to use either a mSATA or 2.5in hard drive allows for the user to choose their individual components to meet their storage needs.

You can check out the full review here.

The GIGABYTE BRIX S GB-BXi5H-5200 is available now from leading etailers and retailers worldwide.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Check Out This Beast of a PC From NCIX Powered by GIGABYTE

EKWB always manages to impress with its watercooling setups. But the GIGABYTE SOC CHAMPION system, built in collaboration with Canada's NCIX, is truly something special.

Just check out this video below:

The new custom Gigabyte SOC Champion Edition NCIX PC. See more of the system:'s on display at EXP Bar in Vancouver, check it out!
Posted by NCIX on Saturday, July 18, 2015

The X99-SOC CHAMPION is available exclusively from NCIX. NCIX has packed in the best features possible on three different price points. Check it out below:

For more information on this PC head on over to NCIX.

IEM Season 10 Kicks Off in Shenzhen

The tenth season of the Intel Extreme Masters kicked off Sunday in Shenzhen, with the world's best cyber athletes and thousands of spectators gathering in the southern China city to watch the action unfold.

You can watch a livestream of the action here on the official site, as matches are scheduled throughout the day Asia time. Replays will be available online later.

Sunday's matchup was all about the Star Craft II® quarter-finals and finals, while today's action will focus on Heroes of the Storm™. The action has already started, with legendary gamers squaring off against Newbee and Brave Heart taking on MVP Black. The grand finale of the Shenzhen stop of IEM is scheduled for 3:00pm China time.

After Shenzhen the action continues at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany with the best German and European games facing off for some serious cash prizes.

GIGABYTE is a proud motherboard and graphics card sponsor of IEM, as cyber athletes need the best if they are to perform at their peak. If you find yourself in the Cologne area during Gamescom be sure to stop by. GIGABYTE will be showing off its latest motherboards and graphics cards during the expo, with a big announcement scheduled for the show.

Friday, July 17, 2015

We're #1! Consumers Vote GIGABYTE Motherboards To The Top on Ranker

Earlier this week we were pleased to see that Ranker, a site that curates crowd sourced top 10 lists, had named us the top motherboard manufacturer and our GIGABYTE Z97X US5H  as the best motherboard you can buy for your PC.

You might have heard of Ranker before, as their top 10 lists are frequently featured in both old and new media. They rank everything, from this year's most anticipated movies  to the most annoying sounds your neighbors make.

 The Wall Street Journal reports on their lists, as do online platforms such as CNET and the Huffington Post. In short, they are a pretty big deal as tens of thousands of people frequent the site every day giving their lists a significant sample size.

While this news is exciting, things are only going to get better next month with the launch of new lineup of motherboards for the Intel 6th Gen. Core processors. Our new generation of motherboards with the Z170 chipset has so many great features that we can't wait to share with you at our official launch.

Thanks again for supporting GIGABYTE and giving us your vote of confidence!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Give GIGABYTE's Z97 a Last Hurrah on HWBOT

Our love for overclocking at GIGABYTE means we are big supporters of the community. If you head on over to our friends at HWBot you’ll see we are sponsoring the GIGABYTE Z97-Last Hurrah Challenge with $2,000 USD in cash prizes as well as two mystery motherboard prizes. This new challenge gives the community a last chance to test their skills on the GIGABYTE Z97 platform before the launch of Intel’s eagerly anticipated 6th Gen. CPU and Z170 chipset next month.

Overclockers will have the chance to win some serious cash by pushing their CPU to the absolute limit on a GIGABYTE Z97 motherboard with their preferred cooling setup. The contest is divided into four stages, and contestants submit their best score. The more points the better.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Meet LEENA: A Robot Powered by a GIGABYTE BRIX

Here at GIGABYTE we are always looking for cool ways people are using our products. We always enjoy seeing the latest and greatest case mods, or users doing things like converting their GIGABYTE BRIX into center of a bad-asshome theater pc setup.

But one thing we haven’t ever seen is a Robot powered by a GIGABYTE product.

That was until we met LEENA.

[COUP DE CŒUR]On vous présente LEENA, un robot dédié au service à la personne, animé par un GIGABYTE BRIX GB-BXi5G-760.Dans la vidéo, elle s'amuse à attraper un Creeper de Minecraft ;-)On est fier d’être au cœur de ce robot crée par une start-up de Limoges, Cybedroïd.On vous invite d'ailleurs à aller voir leur travail sur leur page Facebook (vous pouvez likez aussi ^^) ou leur site web : le modèle BRIX utilisé : #humanoide #gigabyte
Posted by GIGABYTE France on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

LEENA is a prototype human service robot designed by French startup Cybedroid. At LEENA’s core is a GIGABYTE GB-BXi5G-760, powered by an Intel® 4th generation i5-4200H Core™ processor.

Right now LEENA is still a work in progress only capable of doing basic tasks, but Cybedroid hopes that one day she’ll be able to do things like help the elderly or disabled go about their daily lives.

Let’s hope she’s friendlier than a Cylon