Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hidden Gems competition winners revealed; prove 20 years of ultra durability

Today we’re announcing the lucky winners of our Hidden Gems competition. Just to jig your memory a moment; we asked all of our fans and followers on Facebook to show us either a photo or video of their old GIGABYTE motherboard, with the emphasis firmly on ‘Old’. We wanted to unearth as many classic GIGABYTE boards as possible, stoke a bit of nostalgia and celebrate our illustrious history as a tier one motherboard manufacturer.

The ‘Grand’ Prize – Victoria Chudinova – GA-586T2 – 1996

If you recall, we had three prize categories. The first, or ‘Grand Prize’ was for the submission which got the most votes from visitors to the Hidden Gems webpage. After several weeks of intense activity, this prize most deservedly goes to Victoria Chudinova of the Ukraine for her fantastically creative video submission which featured a GIGABYTE GA-586T2 from 1996. Victoria walks away with a GIGABYTE G1.Sniper M3 motherboard. Check out the video below.


The ‘Team GIGABYTE’ Prize - Sergey Erofeev - GA-7VA-C – 2002

The second prize consisted of a GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H motherboard, with the winner chosen exclusively by the GIGABYTE marketing team here in Taipei. We selected an incredibly unique chassis build from Sergey Erofeev in Russia who showed us how his GIGABYTE 7VA-C motherboard from 2002 was housed in a chassis entirely out of old motherboards. Pretty slick.

Sergey Erofeev


The ‘Most Deserving of an Upgrade’ Prize- Dmitriy-Stadnik - GA-386UM – 1991

Last, but not least, we have the ‘Most Deserving of an Upgrade’ Prize which was awarded to a Dmitriy Stadnik also of the Ukraine who submitted the oldest GIGABYTE motherboard with his video featuring a GIAGBYTE 386UM board from 1991. Incredibly, Dmitriy shows the board is still in good working order after all this time. We hope you enjoy your prize – a free upgrade to a GIGABYTE B75M-D3H motherboard. Check the video below.


Finally, on behalf of all us here in the GIGABYTE motherboard team, thank you all for taking part and making the competition such great fun. It’s been really interesting to engage with you all on the topic we love most, GIGABYTE motherboards old and new.

If you want to check some real Hidden Gems, you still can by visiting the competition website here: http://event.gigabyte.com/hidden_gems/index.aspx

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