Friday, April 22, 2011

Sin0822 & Chew* review the X58A-OC, fantastic reads!

Sin0822 is at it again but this time with the new X58A-OC board. He got his new toy recently and had a very detailed look of what it’s made of. I love this writeup seriously, you will not read anything this indepth elsewhere, well worth the read.

Americans love their flags, his keen eye spotted one on the southbridge hahah!

Read sin’s detailed write-up HERE.

Here are a few images from his review!




If you thought that wasn’t enough i have another fantastic write-up for y’all to check out that chew* put together. I love the fact he pulled out a bunch of random CPUs and knocked up some monster scores. One would conclude that the board had a lot to do with that aside from Brian being able to get the most out of it of course!

Read the full review HERE. I will also leave some great shots from his thread for you to check out as well. Chew* is a no nonsense sort of guy, gets straight to business of overclocking, well worth the read!


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