Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GIGABYTE On/Off Charge quick-charges iPad 2

We managed to get hold of an iPad 2 (thanks Karen) to test whether GIGABYTE On/Off Charge still works on the newest iFamily member. Check it out:

In the picture above, the power meter shows that Karen’s iPad is drawing 1.18A from our USB 2.0 On/Off Charge port while the battery was around 30% full. Of course, this works when the PC is on or off (as in this case). The On/Off Charge onboard header has a red background to make it easily identifiable on the motherboard.


As the battery becomes fuller, the amount of current drawn reduces as can be seen by these two pictures:

So, if you’re considering buying an iPad 2 and were wondering if your GIGABYTE motherboard would be able to quick charge it, On/Off Charge still works as well as with the original iPads. Here’s the link to the GIGABYTE On/Off Charge microsite.

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