Monday, April 25, 2011

GIGABYTE E-Sports Championships COD:BlackOPS 2011!


GESC2011 COD: BlackOPS has drawn to a close. This is the first time that COD: BlackOPS was played live in Australia and contestants were extremely happy to finally meet some of their “arch enemies” in person.

The final was held at ReSpawn LAN in Melbourne with a big crowd of 500 gamers visiting from all over the country as usual. I’ll leave you with some videos and photos from the finals, enjoy!

GRAND FINAL VIDEOS (Part1 and 2. Team Immunity-Australia vs Exile5-New Zealand)

Congratulations to Team Immunity on the first place!

Big thanks to GameSTAH commentators for covering the event! Click on the images below to view the final with professional commentary:



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