Wednesday, February 16, 2011

X58A-OC “OC Touch” feature used to push 990X to 7.1Ghz

Hey guys, here’s a quick shout out to everyone about another new feature we have with the X58A-OC board called OC Touch. It’s essentially a hardware level overclocking feature capable of adjusting the multiplier and bclock on the fly in or out of the operating system.

I’ve got a video here that hicookie made today to give you an idea how it works. He’s got the new Core i7 990X installed, LN2 pot running at -170C+, CPU boots at 6.4Ghz (178*36) and then gets clocked up using OC Touch bclock buttons to 7.1GHz (197*36). Easy!

A keen eye can spot some other interesting things we’ll get to in the future updates so stay tuned!


  1. Anyone going to CeBIT will be able to see the OC Touch buttons on this board at our booth. There are plenty of buttons (more than 6) designed for overclockers in this board's unique design.

  2. What pot is that?
    OCM from OCA :)

  3. what type of gigabyte motherboard are you using?

  4. Laju doe... mantap.. fuh ! i wan that motherboard.. waiting it come..

  5. ok So when the hell will this board be available in the US?


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