Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GIGABYTE 6 Series mobo SATA port chart

The numbering of SATA ports on a motherboard can be confusing, but once it has been explained to you it makes perfect sense. The 1st SATA port on a P67 chipset mobo is called SATA3_0 where SATA3 refers to Serial ATA 3.0 that runs at 6Gbps. If it were to read SATA2 then it refers to Serial ATA 2.0 that runs at 3Gbps. The number following the underscore (_) refers the SATA port number. Here is a typical SATA port layout as seen on the GIGABYTE P67A-UD3P:

6 Series SATA Ports

In the picture above the white ports are the two SATA3 ports (SATA3_0 and SATA3_1) that are not affected by Intel’s recent announcement. The black ports (SATA2_2 through SATA2_5) carry the risk of performance degradation over time.

The following chart shows which 6 series mobo SATA ports are risk free. There is a key below the chart that explains some of the abbreviations.

GBT 6 Series MB SATA Ports rev1


ESATA: External SATA port

GSATA: Additional SATA3 ports (GIGABYTE SATA ports)

09 Feb Update: The chart has been updated to include the GA-P67A-UD3R, as well as adding an additional SATA2 port to the GA_P65A-UD3 row.


  1. Exactly how much is a defective motherboard worth?

  2. P67A-UD3R is not listed in picture. So isn't it affected ?

  3. Same thing as the other UD3 boards :)

  4. @Mohsen Afshin: The P67A-UD3R has been added. It's SATA port design is the same as the UD3P.


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