Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sin0822 takes a very in-depth look at the G1.Sniper 3

Famed motherboard guru, sin0822, has just published his detailed look at the new G1.Sniper 3 gaming motherboard.


As with his other reviews he looks at the various chips used on the board such as the Creative Core 3D audio processor and exclusive dual LAN combination of Intel® gigabit Ethernet and the Qualcomm Atheros E2200 game networking platform as can be seen in the diagram below.


He even shows where all the I/O connectivity comes from, i.e. the chipset or a 3rd party chip.


The review finishes off with a ton of BIOS screenies and benchmarks, so if you’re looking for some details on the G1.Sniper 3, be sure to check out this review.

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