Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are you looking to get some fast RAM for the new platform? Check out the new GSkill TridentX!

I’ve been doing some RAM testing on the new Z77 GIGABYTE platform and must say I am pretty impressed with how well the new GSkill TridentX memory has been performing.

My testing revolves around frequency efficiency (as in high frequency with very tight timings that is capable of running very fast for the CPU and RAM set frequency limit in SuperPi 32M). I could reach well over 1400MHz frequency with this RAM but 1400MHz(2800) 10-12-12-19-1T was the fastest mix of efficiency and speed. This ram is rated at 1300MHz 10-12-12-31-2T at stock so that is a nice boost past rated speed and timings also.

GIGABYTE and GSkill are planning on putting on an overclocking show for this year’s Computex so keep a close eye on that. We will update you with some news as it happens as well.

Here are some results obtained with GIGABYTE Sniper3 board and GSkill TridentX 2600 kit. I hear Corsair, Kingston and Team Group have similar RAM also, time to get some new RAM to make your platform really shine!


  • GIGABYTE Sniper3 (Z77 based) motherboard
  • Intel 3770K Ivy Bridge CPU
  • GSkill Trident X 2600
  • Corsair F90 SSD
  • Corsair HX750 Power Supply



Running daily testing for me is done on an old Mach SS cooler that runs at –40C. Perfect for long superpi testing sessions! Getting high frequency RAM clock on Z77 can be obtained with all air cooled setup as well which is good news for those putting together their 24/7 high end PCs.


GIGABYTE Sniper3 is the board i tend to use for my day to day RAM testing. Stable board with great frequency OC and efficiency.


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