Thursday, May 24, 2012

der8auer from Germany removes IHS on CPU

Extreme overclocking is a very competitive sport and any small advantage can provide big gains. One of well known German overclockers that goes by nickname der8auer(meaning “farmer” i’m told) decided to take the razor blades out and remove the CPU IHS and reapply better paste. koScgl

Results were significant as he decreased core temperature and managed to jump in max frequency by 50MHz yielding seconds fastest wprime in the word, only 0.01s under current world record.


This will void your warranty of course but for overclockers this can mean the difference between 5th or 2nd or potentially top spot if you find the right CPU. He does say that it is not really recommended for air cooling guys as the gain is only 6-7C which does not justify losing warranty.

His wprime score was done at 6438MHz using the GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H motherboard.


Well done Roman!


  1. Its been done or years in Water cooling . You would have thought by now though Intel would have solved this issue of using a better paste. But well done to the guy.

  2. Impressive work by Roman, but can someone correct the article?

    "yielding seconds fastest wprime in the word, only 0.01s under current world record."
    That is simply not true, it applies for 4c/8t, not overall, obviously, hence; correct it.


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