Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Neo finds 3DMARK01 love again…

Neo is a PC magazine editor by day and an extreme overclocker & editor of the world famous The Overclocker e-zine when sun disappears and moon shines on South Africa. He, like many others, has found his love for benching subzero again and it’s usually that little program called 3DMARK01 that sucks you straight back in but this time it’s for real, Intel Ivy Bridge is making all the difference!

We got a sneak peak at him working very hard at the office at 1:33am benching GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H by the looks of it, Intel Ivy Bridge and that famous 3DMARK01 with a tagline…

“Found my 01 love again. 1:33AM still at the office, 01 clocking XD :)”

Looking forward to the new issue of The Overclocker magazine! Goooo Neo! Wait a minute, did you freeze the RAM too? NICE…


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