Wednesday, May 30, 2012

8 professional overclockers, one show, visit GSkill Booth at Computex 2012!

GSkill is putting on a huge OC show at this year’s Computex (being held next week). They’ve invited professional overclockers from different manufacturers to put on one of the most interesting OC shows I’ve seen at these types of events. 4 days of non-stop overclocking, 4 different board manufacturers each day, some great GSkill RAM and GIGABYTE crew, hicookie & dinos22, along with GSkill guests (youngpro&hiwa) on the closing day.


Come and visit the booth on the GIGABYTE bench day!

Event: G.SKILL World-Class Overclocking Invitational

Time: June 8th, 11am – 5pm

Place: Computex Taipei 2012, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth I0118


  1. Dino, why so serious? It looks like you are about to fist something. haha

  2. overclocking is serious business, didn't you know that!?!


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