Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Z77+Ivy Bridge crazy overclocking bonanza is finally here!

This must be one of the toughest couple of months as an overclocker and enthusiast to have had to go through I swear! We all had to respect the NDA until early hours this morning when it finally lifted. What an amazing new platform (for lack of a better word)! Intel has finally given overclockers the jackpot! The new king is in town and geeks call it IVY BRIDGE.

Today marks the day when just about any overclocking world record you can imagine will get smashed due to Intel’s ability to finally figure out and remove cold bug from the processors and cold scaling. We are talking 3D benching up to 7GHz on the most efficient platform in history.

I’d like to congratulate a friend, youngpro, for clinching some really nice records himself today, single card 3DMARK03 and 3DMARK05 global records using GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H and 7970OC GPU as well as 32M and 1024M Wprime multithreaded scores. Congrats James! Keep pushing!773001


GIGABYTE R&D team including bios guys, top management, software guys, just about everyone has started working very hard on this platform a year ago. We have a new digital PWM on the boards now. It ROCKS! Boards are very stable, bench at monster frequencies, behave great subzero, run very efficient and have some great overclocking features even on the affordable range of boards! Great effort to the whole GIGABYTE team!


  1. Not sure what Intel has to do with setting a record on an AMD card, but what ever. The processor record isn't very impressive for a professional peak overclock.


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