Saturday, April 28, 2012

Atomic & GIGABYTE's OC and games night a hit, TeamAU takes global world records with left over LN2!

Atomic Magazine and GIGABYTE put on a show for its lucky readers at AtomicHQ in Sydney overnight. IMG_9447

The LN2 flowed free and fast last night, at our first sub-zero overclocking event here at Atomic HQ!

We opened the doors as the rest of Haymarket's staff were leaving, after casting a rather curious eye over the mess of gaming systems being set up by Team Immunity, and at the arcane tools of the serious overclocker. As folks showed up, both youngpro and dinos22, from TeamAU, got down to the action.

After a brief safety intro from Dino (essential when dealing with stuff as chillingly cold as LN2), our guests split into teams and got to work on two GIGABYTE boards, a UD3 and a UD5, each with a new Ivy Bridge processor, while some of the staff (ahem) got to testing out the Battlefield 3 LAN.

It's tough work!


Couple of readers warming up for an insane Battlefield3 frag off!


Dinos22 giving a quick rundown on GIGABYTE digital PWM and monster overclocking boards the lucky group was about to OC on their own (and hit some tremendous frequencies!)


Visit Atomic site for the event photo gallery and more on how the two competitions went with Battlefield3 playoff and LN2 OC dinos22 vs youngpro’s teams!

TeamAU boys, dinos22 and youngpro, had some extra LN2 to burn off and benchmarked 3DMARK01 with a new killer 3D01 bios and showed off nice efficiency the boards have now. Any 3DMARK01 tragic out there will absolutely love the new bios (to be released next week in beta!). Benchmarks were done on GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H and Z77X-UD3H, both solid extreme OC boards!


3DMARK01 > 157700points (3rd fastest global score)


3DMARK03> 245K, world record 3x GIGABYTE 7970OC GPUs



3DMARK05 > 62K, world record 3x GIGABYTE 7970OC GPUs



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