Thursday, April 5, 2012

GIGABYTE became OCAU’s Major Sponsor today!

Overclockers Australia, also known as OCAU worldwide, has taken GIGABYTE onboard as the major sponsor today. This is a pretty exciting day as OCAU is one of those iconic forums worldwide that brought up some really well known overclocking names.


I personally started getting involved in the community around 2006 but before my time there was a few iconic names that popped up and proudly wore Australian colours. One of those guys which is probably remembered by Aussie and world overclockers was CodeRed who was the author and man responsible for A64Tweaker application which was the THE one and only app giving extreme overclockers/tweakers the opportunity to tweak their AMD system and improve performance and break those world records during AMD years.


Eva2000 was and still is an iconic RAM tweaker. Eva2000 helped form and to further increase awareness of this crazy hobby and attracted and inspired a lot of overclockers since, dinos22 (me), T_M, Kayl, SLI_dog, moloko, youngpro, deanzo, sniperOz, Uncle Fester, bob(nz) who are all regular contributors at OCAU just to name a few…

If you haven’t been to OCAU before, check it out here and here. It now sports some fantastic sub-communities including a really great photography forum, motoring and a couple of others which are just unlike any other in my experience.



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