Thursday, April 26, 2012

Overclocking guide to rule them all (Z77 platform)!

Good morning to you all. I want to give you heads up about an insanely detailed and well thought out overclocking guide for Ivy Bridge and Z77 platform that sin0822 put together and posted about on forums yesterday.

The guide is fit for beginners and LN2 overclockers and has some detailed information about various aspects of this new platform from voltage scaling, LN2 or water OC, voltage guidelines, digital power option setup & tweaking, RAM overclocking tips, LLC analysis, bios profiles, insulating boards for subzero, you name it….

I’ll leave a couple of screenshots but for the full story check out this link. He ends the article with a quick taste of a little GIGABYTE SniperM3 doing some multithreaded benchmarking past 6GHz. Even the little boards with 4-pin input can handle some serious grunt in case some were wondering.




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