Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Team Immunity catapults Team Australia across the line in a convincing Clanbase Nations Cup grand final win over Finland!

Australia is probably better known for its sun drenched beaches and surfing but the gaming scene is certainly alive and well. Team Immunity, proudly sponsored by GIGABYTE, is one of those pro teams from down under that carries the Australian flag in international gaming tournaments.

Australian gamers showed the world they are the force to be reckoned with by taking out the prestigious Clanbase Nations’ Cup XV tournament in Battlefield 3 by defeating (destroying really!!!) a very strong Team Finland in the final who were undefeated up until that point.


deathdoG from Team Immunity put some pretty crazy highlights from the match on youtube. This guy is a machine I’m telling you!

Congrats to all the Team Immunity guys that took part in the final lineup

  • Matthew 'Redding' Redding (C)
  • Steven 'SadAct' Valle (C)
  • Ben 'oxide' Tory
  • Josh 'deathdoG' Edwards
  • Glenn 'Amril' Starcevich
  • Chris 'Yellow' McGillivray
  • Comzat
  • TetraChloride


Cybergamer forum has a report on the tournament if you want to read some more including the full Team Australia lineup and some interesting info about how much of an underdog the team was that they were predicted to finish second last in the group stages by a DICE community manager. Someone is eating his own foot right now I think!

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