Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GIGABYTE UEFI BIOS: The perfect fit for Hackintosh builds


Just a few days ago, tonymacx86, (not surprisingly the chief writer for – arguably the best Hackintosh site on the web) announced to the world that GIGABYTE UEFI BIOS on our Z77 boards was offering better OSX support than previously possible, making Hackintosh building easier than ever:

“Big news! The Gigabyte UEFI on the Z77 chipset works natively with OS X power management- you don't need a DSDT to wake/sleep, and no kernel panics on power management whatsoever!!”main The reason for this lies with our unique UEFI BIOS coding, which allows for an OSX install without needing a DSDT file. As LG Nilsson at VR-Zone explains:

“Normally when you build a Hackingtosh you need something called a DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table) as this is how OS X can detect what kind of hardware you have in your system. Without a DSDT Hackintoshes tend to go into kernel panic mode, i.e. they're pretty much useless.…

However, the latest motherboards from Gigabyte don't appear to need a DSDT file for basic functionality, as the boards boot into OS X just fine without it….It's not entirely clear what Gigabyte has done to make this work, but it's made the life of those wanting to install an alternative OS on their PC a lot easier.”

I’m not going to divulge here exactly what we’ve done to achieve this improved support, but suffice it to say that we’re happy to make life easier for a small but dedicated band of DIYers who dare to bridge the x86 – Apple divide. article

VR-Zone article

GIGABYTE 7 Series boards


  1. Great job taking the headache out of certain builds.
    Now for a mATX X79 for the Mac case customization >:)

  2. How about the x79 series boards??? That would be awesome!

  3. – arguably the best Hackintosh site on the web) - what a joke!

    Definitely arguably so! Everything on his site was stolen from the best hackintosh boards on the net. He steals from others, rebrands it and releases it to the 1000's of noobs who learn absolutely 0 about hackintoshing. He has contributed nothing at all to the scene. He is a member of the better forums on the net. So when issues come up, he waits for someone else to provide the solution and runs back to his forum flaunting said solutions like they are his own. Unibeast6 and the Multibeast code was stolen from MyHack and rebranded. Chimera is actually Chameleon rebranded with the Tonymac theme, his DSDT database was stolen from another board user who did all the compiling... the list goes on. Out of the 1000's that use his crap, at least 70% end up on other boards looking for solutions, as TonyMac & his crew are pretty useless at troubleshooting, since they never actually wrote any of the code themselves.

    1. True. tonymacx86 = phonymacx3-third-rate-noob. :D

  4. Sub Xero, I recommend you to watch movie: The pirate of silicon valley, especially pay attention to the argument between Bill and Steve about using mouse in Apple and Windows system. It will change your understanding of the word -- stolen. Haha...

  5. Does this mean GA-H81M-ES2C is supported? :confused:

  6. How about the new H81 chipset and specifically this board: GA-H81M-S2PH. Is this also supported?

  7. @Sub Xero - It's why I am basically indifferent if not outright vehemently against Tony. There's no denying that he made life easier for those who are starting to get into OSX86, but to quote Shirley Temple he's "stealing the thunder" off those who worked hard to get macOS to work on commodity PCs.


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