Monday, March 19, 2012

Xtreme(ly cool) OC video from Brazil’s Campus party, check it out!

Rbuass from Brazil is a great ambassador for overclocking community in South America. He’s done really well to help establish the scene and make some of the coolest events I have seen.

GIGABYTE loves overclockers and builds its hardware for them so it was great to see GIGABYTE take part in the Campus party as one of the hardware sponsors.

Check out the video it’s pretty cool!

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  1. very good ... Due to the large investment that is required as a result of high prices, taxes and import difficulties in Brazil, and the fact that virtually every major international competitors rely on sponsorship, ease of purchase parts and low prices, even with this major disadvantage , Ronaldo Buassali ( rbuass )achieve very impressive results about to be well known abroad, able to qualify for major tournaments in several countries, including being invited to make several presentations at Campus Party in other countries, the idea of ​​opening up space for sponsors will be a very good thing , which would result in a better condition for him to get even better results, put the name of Brazil even more in evidence and, of course, improve the reputation of the s Gigabyte , since this art is not only related to technology, but education, we know that in this regard Brazil is one of the worst in the world, besides the fact that basically the large niche of young people and a field of infinite growth.


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