Friday, March 30, 2012

LN2 in the local pub? GIGABYTE sponsors ‘Big Freeze’ overclocking event in the UK


GIGABYTE is always keen to get involved with grass roots overclocking events that really help the sport to grow and prosper. So it came as no surprise to us here in Taipei to learn that our GIGABYTE UK folks were sponsoring an event in Cambridge UK a couple of weekends ago, and perhaps even less surprising to find it was held in a good old fashioned English pub.


Put together by Team Great Britain, the Cambridge Big Freeze event was by all accounts a pretty cool event which catered to both novice and pro overclockers. Divided into two parts, the event first focused on getting the novice element up to speed on the basics of life such as how to handle LN2, prep the hardware and of course how start pushing your rig to new heights. Later the Pros then got down to some serious overclockers with the less experienced attendees looking on, gleaning advice from the experienced players as the competition heated up.


The LN2 delivery guys was clearly having a busy day by his standards…



Plenty of UK records were broken, with winners on the day walking away with some pretty nifty GIGABYTE prizes.

If you’re based in the UK and fancy getting involved you should follow their Facebook page for updates regarding forthcoming events. Word on the street is that Bristol is next up.

More photos of the Big Freeze Event can be found here.

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