Thursday, March 29, 2012

VIDEO: eTeknix preview the GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H

Andy Ruffell from eTeknix has just uploaded a great video previewing pretty much every inch of our Z77X-UD5H motherboard, one of our high-end 7 series boards that I know you’re all really looking forward to. You can tell that Andy is bursting at the seams to tell us all about how well this new platform performs, but hey… for the time being you’ll have to get by with this preview. Hope it tides you over.

You can also head over to and read Andy’s full article on the Z77X-UD5H motherboard. Cheers Andy.

And don’t forget you can peruse the specs and features in more depth here on our 7 series website.


  1. What are the fan controls going to be like on the new Z series boards? It might seem like a minor thing, but I'd like to know if there's BIOS control of them to set them to automatically change speed based on temps, and what software you have. Asus have been weak on this front in the past and it's what might swing me to taking a Gigabyte board this time around.

  2. Thanks for your comment Halk. Our new Z77, H77 and B75 chipset boards have 4 pin variable fanspeed connectors for the CPU, case and other system fan connectors. We've had them for the CPU in the past, but not so much for the case and system fans, so this a new on the 7 series boards. Fanspeed can be controlled in the BIOS or through our EasyTune utility that can be found on the driver DVD or in the utility download section for each specific board on the Gigabyte website. For example, here is the utlity downloads section for the G1-Sniper 3:


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