Monday, March 26, 2012

VIDEO: ‘Think Computers’ take a look at our X79-UD3

Bob Buskirk at Think Computers last week published his review of our X79-UD3 motherboard, and we’re really pleased to that Bob was impressed by what he found, awarding the board a brilliant 10 from 10 score, and 1st place for value. He’s a sample of what he had to say:

“The ease and stability of overclocking with this board is made possible by the 8+2+1 power phase design that provides stable power to the CPU, memory and other areas of the motherboard.  If you are not sure about overclocking on this board late in December known overclocker HiCookie set a world overclocking record using this board and the Core i7-3930K.

With the recent release of the Intel Core i7-3820 and it having a price-tag of just over $300 and the low cost of this board ($249) the Sandy Bridge-E platform is definitely becoming more affordable.  The Gigabyte X79-UD3 is a very solid motherboard that offers some great features, an easy to use BIOS and great overclocking ability.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Gigabyte X79-UD3 Intel X79 Motherboard a 10 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!”


Bob also took the time to shoot an unboxing video that shows you exactly what you get in the retail box: 



Check out the full review over on Think Computers here.

You can find full specs and details about the GIGABYTE X79-UD3 board here.

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