Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GIGABYTE’s future 7 series motherboards – worth the upgrade!

This week we uploaded our 7 series mobo microsite that includes all of the features and technology available to you if you upgrade from your Z68 or older GIGABYTE motherboard to a new Z77 or H77 series board.


Two key features are GIGABYTE’s 3D BIOS and 3D Power that brings our dual UEFI BIOS and All Digital Power technologies to the socket LGA 1155 platform. 3D BIOS has a 3D mode that’s easy enough for everyone to use, while also boasting an advanced mode for overclockers and other advanced users. Here’s a screenshot of the new 3D BIOS in 3D mode:


3D Power offers maximum control over the power to the four main power zones that are the CPU, processor graphics, memory and VTT. There is more information about our 3D Power utility on the 3D Power web page.


These 7 series mobos also see the introduction of a new dual band WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 card that will go a long way towards making your desktop PC the center of your personal cloud.


And then there is also the widespread adoption of Ultra Durable 4 and other GIGABYTE motherboard technologies such as 1 fuse per USB port, On/Off Charge, 3x USB Power and mSATA onboard.

image  image 

A list of models that will be available globally can be found in the ‘Models’ section of the microsite.

Of course, there are a lot of new technologies missing from this microsite, in particular those that will be unlocked by the new 3rd Generation of Intel® Core™ processors that will available in the spring (northern hemisphere) of 2012. Stay tuned for more updates from CeBIT where Stew is manning our booth and demoing these new technologies.

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