Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TeamAU & GIGABYTE join forces to freeze over Perth in an upcoming GIGABYTE eXtreme OC workshop!

Atomic Magazine just made an announcement that they are taking registrations for the upcoming GIGABYTE eXtreme OC workshop. Be quick or be gone!Untitled-3b

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of extreme, sub-zero overclocking? Do you want to learn from the best overclockers our country has to offer? Do you live in Perth?dinos22

Well, it's soon going to be your lucky day!

GIGABYTE's hosting an Extreme Overclocking Workshop on the 25th of March - this month! - and 12 lucky Atomicans can come along and take part. The workshop's going to be run by OC veterans TeamAU, Australia's best overclockers. These guys regularly compete on the international overclocking stage, and are a great bunch of lads to boot.

Thanks for the event sponsors for making it all possible


For more info on the event visit ATOMIC or OCAU forum.

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