Thursday, July 7, 2011

X58-OC makes hardcore OC Aussies happy – PC Power Play Magazine

Australian print magazine PC Power Play recently published a review of our GIGABYTE X58-OC motherboard, the world’s first high-end motherboard designed specifically for hardcore overclockers. IMG_0515Reviewer Matt Wilson had this to say about the built-in overclocking features and the how the boards target market will appreciate the overclocking potential that lies within:

After warm up runs, we gave the OC-Touch feature a work through, upping the BLCK frequency a good chunk and managing to score a healthy 4.73 GHz overclock (225x21)….The reason this board can overclock further (on air) than other boards we have had in the past is due to voltage stability. Instead of pumping through higher voltages to iron out any ripples, this power delivery system manages to deliver clean power to the CPU, therefore lowering the overall voltage required. We aren’t talking insane levels here, but you’d be surprised how much extra heat 0.06v can produce when you are already pushing 85C on an air cooler.

..for that 1% of hardcore overclockers, this board is definitely the best choice you’ve got. Make the decision: genuine gaming comfort, or simple overclocking insanity?


As a print magazine, of course we’re unable to supply a URl. However Australians can no doubt grab a copy at their local newsagent.

You can read this blog in Chinese here. 中文版

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