Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Atomic MPC: GIGABYTE X58A-OC goes like the proverbial...


Proverbial what?… you might well ask. From what I can discern, Vito Cassisi is probably referring to the proverbial s*%t off a shovel…a well worn piece of Aussie urban slang that implies the ultimate in speed, or very, very fast! And the GIGABYTE X58A-OC is exactly that – built for speed!

With our goop-laced 990X strapped in, we aimed to topple our previous 4.8GHz achievement. Naturally, we dived straight into 4.8GHz, and tweaked our voltages to get it Prime95 stable at 1.487v (1.475v idle, 1.502v load). QPI voltage was set to 1.275v to achieve this, with level 2 LLC. Being an overclocker’s board, we pushed as far as we could manage. We finally broke 4.9GHz stable at a sizable 1.55v vCore without touching the QPI voltage. Nice!

We’re glad this board has a very specific market in mind, because it makes it much easier to recommend. If you’re looking at getting your best shot at breaking some records, then you simply cannot look past this board. We’re hearing that this will retail at around $400, so while it’s not cheap, it’s a fair price to pay for what is essentially the board for overclocking on the X58 platform. Now, to source some LN2...

Read the full review on here.

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