Monday, July 11, 2011

Tablet PC shipments expected to reach 21-22 million in Q3, 2011

Digitimes reports that Tablet PC shipments are expected to almost double from 14 million in Q2, to 22 million in Q3. The vast majority (14-15 million or 70%) will be iPads, while the rest will come from Amazon, HTC, Samsung, HP, Dell, etc…


You may be asking why a desktop motherboard marketing person is blogging about tablets? It’s not so strange when you consider that tablets are not entirely stand alone devices in that they need to be enabled and synced with a computer from time to time. The iPad is an excellent example of this where you need to set up an iTunes account that will enable your iPad before you use it, and you use the same setup to add/remove documents on your iPad. So essentially, content is created, stored and shared from a PC, and it is consumed on tablets.

Now if you consider the advantages of a desktop PC, it has more processing power for creating video and other content, it has more storage options for adding terabytes of storage space for high-def video (and backups), and it charges your tablet PC while you sync (share) your content. So the desktop PC is a better match for tablets than a notebook! Not to mention the inherent competition between tablets and notebooks/netbooks seeing as they’re all thin, light, have long battery life and help you stay connected on the go…  Well, actually tablets do all that better than notebooks don’t they? No wonder we’re excited about tablets!

That may be why Canalys and other industry analysts are expecting over 10% growth in the PC market in 2011. Have a look at this news post:

Canalys predicts 14% growth in PC market for 2011

- For every 10 pads sold in 2011, five netbook or notebook PCs will not ship:  

And here’s the plug: GIGABYTE motherboards come with 3x USB Power that can provide similar recharging speeds as power socket charging, and On/Off Charge that makes it possible to quick charge iPads whether it is on or off. So we’re innovating for tablets on our motherboards.

You can read this blog in Chinese (中文版) here.

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