Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PCTuning use GIGABYTE boards for early Bulldozer and Gulftown head to head


It would appear that Czech hardware site PCtuning have apparently been lucky enough to get their hands an early AMD FX CPU sample, giving us a glimpse of the performance we can expect from AMD’s forthcoming enthusiast CPU line. In his latest article we see that Mr. Z.Obermaier is comparing his AMD FX chip with Intel’s top tier Core i7 990X part. While it’s certainly interesting to see that the new Bulldozer processors are managing to keep pace with their Gulftown counterparts, it’s also quite flattering for us here at Gigabyte to note that the reviewer is using our motherboards for both platforms.

The AMD FX chip is apparently being benched using our recently launched 990FXA-UD7 motherboard. It’s the most full featured AMD board we’ve ever done and the first to be able to harness both AMD and Nvidia multi-GPU setups. In the above image you’re looking at the UD7 in an SLI configuration. The Intel 990X CPU was put through its paces on our champion overclocking board, the GIGABYTE X58A-OC.

While these benchmarks are pretty far from conclusive, they are at least indicators that we may see the extreme performance space heat up in the next few months as AMD launch its FX line. It’s also fair to say that, as 3D gaming applications, these benchmarks are perhaps no 100% CPU-oriented, so even if these results are true, they probably do not represent the raw grunt of the two processors. It does however, at least indicate that in terms of multi-GPU configurations, DIY builders have more choices than ever.

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