Thursday, July 14, 2011

APH Networks gets intimate with the GIGABYTE G1.Sniper

0301 It is now pretty much common knowledge that we will be announcing its sequel in the next few weeks, but the fact remains that the original X58 based GIGABYTE G1.Sniper board is still very much hot property to any hardcore core gamer who has invested in a high-end Intel i7 Gulftown processor. It is for this reason that reviewer Preston Yuen at APH Networks has spent a good deal of time getting to know our G1.Sniper motherboard on a very intimate level. Here’s an example of what Preston had to say. Regarding the packaging and design:

Here is a box that I thought was quite unique and different from most motherboard packaging I have seen so far. Of course, consistent with its name, Gigabyte incorporated a military grade enclosure in the background as part of the design, with some battlefield scars and other graphics around the box. Emphasizing on this military theme, our motherboard's name is printed boldly in an army font across the center. It is then placed under Gigabyte's G1-Killer Gaming Motherboard series branding, and stamped with a very distinct skull logo at the bottom right corner.

G1.Sniper’s key features:

Taking a close look around the LGA 1366 socket area, we are able to identify the usual array of components related to the CPU voltage regulator circuit, including a decent array of chokes and a couple of gun rail inspired heatsinks on the L-shaped heatpipe.One thing to note here is that the G1.Sniper is one of the rare boards that feature a dedicated LAN processing chip. Not only does it have a BigFoot Killer E2100 NPU, Gigabyte also installed Creative's high end CA20K2-2AG HF X-Fi APU/DSP as part of the motherboard -- with real X-RAM, too. We will cover that in detail in just a moment.


In conclusion:

What I am trying to say is, if you already own a high end computer, and all you are missing is a motherboard, you have nothing to fear -- because what the G1.Sniper is a truly amazing product worthy of its name. As a new motherboard that supports the (slightly) older Intel X58 chipset, the G1.Sniper is not only an unquestionable high end unit -- it also has some amazing dedicated Creative X-Fi based audio hardware under the hood. In fact, it is so good, it will probably save you at least $150 on a dedicated sound card, along with some additional space on your motherboard. If top of the line audio still doesn't convince you, it also has a dedicated BigFoot NPU, which let's just say, it is not a necessity, but definitely a "sure, why not" kind of thing. In addition to the well designed and clean layout, the Gigabyte G1.Sniper also looks incredible in any windowed chassis.

Preston has really gone in to some quite incredible depth (12 long pages!) in his review, so make you take time to read the full version here.

You can read this blog entry in Chinese (中文版) here

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