Monday, April 18, 2011

Techspot impressed with P67A-UD7 in 5-way P67 Shootout

Steven Walton has published an exhaustive 5 board shootout, comparing a range of Intel P67 boards from Asus, MSI, ECS, ASRock and of course GIGABYTE. It’s clear the Steve is impressed by our efforts to offer DIY builders the most solid, high-performance and feature-packed board possible:


Finally, we have the grandaddy: Gigabyte's P67A-UD7….

While its overclocking abilities and general performance won't have you picking your jaw up from the floor, its functionality and build quality might. The P67A-UD7 supports up to ten USB 3.0 ports and provides more than 16 PCIe lanes for graphics cards with its four full-length PCIe x16 slots.

Thanks to its implementation of the Nvidia NF200 chip, all four PCIe x16 slots get x8 bandwidth, making it one of the best boards currently available for multi-GPU configurations. It scored the best on two out of three gaming benchmarks, it was alongside Asrock's P67 Extreme 6 with the top USB 3.0 performance, and it had the second-best overclocking results.

It's evident that Gigabyte didn't design this board for the typical user and it's probably not intended for the average high-end user either. That's a job for the UD5 or UD4. The P67A-UD7 is the ultimate motherboard for hardcore enthusiasts (read: wealthy). Overall, the Gigabyte premium offering has plenty of everything while it also does everything very well.

Check out the full article on Techspot .

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