Wednesday, April 20, 2011

G1. Assassin X58 wins ‘Editors’ Choice’ award at Legit Reviews

  Dan Stolz at Legit Reviews has posted is in depth review of our flag ship gaming board, the G1 Assassin X58, and it looks like he’s pretty impressed, awarding the Legit Reviews editors’ choice award:



The GIGABYTE G1 Assassin X58 motherboard packed with features. In fact, I don't think the could pack anything else on the board than they already did. In order to fit everything that they did, GIGABYTE had to move away from the standard ATX form factor and increase the size of the board to a XL-ATX form factor.

Another key feature of the GIGABYTE G1 Assassin X58 motherboard that was shoe horned onto the PCB is the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Digital Audio Processor (20K2). The Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Digital Audio Processor features EAX Advanced HD 5.0, Dolby digital live encoding, and DTS Connect. Features like these aren't available on your run of the mill onboard audio chip. Testing the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Digital Audio Processor with Rightmark Audio Analyzer show's an improvement in quality over the Realtek ALC 892 chipset found on most of the boards we have tested. The software available for the Creative Soundblaster on the GIGABYTE G1 Assassin, is part of what is going to separate the GIGABYTE G1 Assassin from the rest of the pack.


Legit Bottom Line: If you happen to be building an Intel X58 system and plan on upgrading the audio and installing a Killer E2100 NIC, the GIGABYTE G1 Assassin may just fill your needs perfectly!

Check out the full review in all its glory over at Legit Reviews.

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