Friday, April 15, 2011

Sin0822 gets hands on with the X58A-OC, feels ‘like a kid on Christmas Day’

Veteran overclocker Sin0822 has just posted his inner-most feelings upon receiving the latest X58A-OC board, the world’s first board designed exclusively for overclockers, and man is he on cloud 9!

I figured a lot of you want to see what the final, retail version of the X58A-OC board look like. Well today the fedex man from heaven dropped by while I was at work. I got a call my significant other, and she was saying i had a new package. I asked her to open the pamphlet and read the description, and out comes the words "X58A-OC" as if she just read a serial number. While I sat there at work, my heart dropped, and what I said next will stay between her and I. Needless to say I was debating really hard to try and leave work early, this board I had been waiting months for had just arrived unannounced. I was so excited, today has to be one of the most exciting days of built up anticipation finally expressed!!!!!!!!!!

This board, is a piece of art. From the man behind board, Hicookie, come a creation that makes every overclocker drool on their keyboards. Needless to say this board lives up to all the hype, it really is a board to get excited about. A board made just for one purpose, and one purpose only, OVERCLOCKING! honestly, they did a terrific job at GIGABYTE, and times like these makes me want to try and get a job at a company so smart!

For now I leave you guys with pics of the final box, its accessories (you get 7 (seven) voltage reading DMM attachments!!), and some close ups of the board, and WITHOUT a heatsink. Enjoy!



[Seems like Sin0822 enjoys his dipswitches] “I love DIP switches that actually do something!!!! bring me more!!!”

The level of interest around this board is quite astonishing. Sin0822 posted on four forums; XtremeSystems,, TweakTown forum, and HardOCP. So far approx 2,500 have read his post with almost 80 others posting a reply – just in the last 24 hours.

Sin0822 will no doubt be like greyhound out the traps in getting the X58A-OC up and running. We await his review with baited breath. Keep you posted….

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