Wednesday, January 26, 2011

X58A-OC board, what else is new?

Last week I wrote about the new X58A-OC board we have coming out soon and showed the IO panel and thought I’d follow it up with some more features. This one is pretty neat as you can see in the photo.

We are providing some extra ports to power the PCI Express slots when you run 3-4x SLI/XFIRE. In the past you would see boards like ours using molex connectors in some obscure places on the board that are frankly hard to reach and a touch tricky when it comes to insulation. This new layout will help make easier to provide the extra power without needing to route cables in the middle of the board.

You can see we are providing both SATA2 and SATA3. We are trying to keep it as lean and mean as we can without sacrificing some reasonable functionality. I’ll see what other photos I can dig out and put it up soon. Stay tuned!



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