Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Competition updates, mad222 smashing AMD comp & GIGABYTE P67 are best 3DMARK01 boards on HWBOT!

Some clear patterns are starting to emerge with the competitions being run at the moment on HWBOT. Mad222 from Hong Kong looks unbeatable with a monster 7.344GHz AMD CPUz and an equally impressive 1M time locking in tops spots in all categories and obliterating AMD world records in the mean time. His choice of board is GIGABYTE 890FXA-UD7 of course.


Sandy Blitz competition on HWBOT.ORG is proving to be even more interesting! It is now blaringly obviously that GIGABYTE P67 is the new king of 3DMARK01. All the top spots are taken up by P67A-UD7 and P67A-UD5 boards with Matose leading the way at 125,570 points wow.

What is perhaps more interesting is the current discussion among members comparing performance between different manufacturers and all seem to be finding out the same thing, if you want to compete in 01 you are wasting your time unless you’re on GIGABYTE P67 due to boards’ efficiency in the benchmark.



Not long to go now until GIGABYTE P67 February competition starts on HWBOT.ORG with one lucky overclocker taking home the new X58A-OC board. You have to win the competition to win this crazy board. I have a feeling this will get crazy hehehehe but play nice boys!


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