Saturday, January 8, 2011

GIGABYTE Launches G1-Killer Motherboards at CES

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_37

While there has been a lot of news pouring out of CES these past few days, one of the most exciting is the launch of the GIGABYTE G1-Killer series gaming motherboards. GIGABYTE has launched 3 new boards, the G1.Assassin, G1.Sniper and the G1.Guerrilla and already they are generating a lot of interest in the gaming community. Below are a few pictures from the launch event on Wednesday. Notice a theme?

Welcome to the event Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_48

Henry Kao VP, GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit greeting Joseph Nielson from Intel, Michael Howse, CEO, Bigfoot Networks and Steve Erickson, Vice President and General Manager Audio/Video, Creative.

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_170

Tim Handley, Deputy Director of marketing at GIGABYTE introducing the new series.

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_367

Henry unveils the G1.Assassin

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_456

Dan Bingham, Intel Processor Marketing Manager, Intel

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_417

Steve Erickson, Vice President and General Manager Audio/Video, Creative

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_325

Michael Howse, CEO, Bigfoot Networks Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_296

Standing room only

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_438

Zaccubus, professional gaming from the UK, showing off his skill on the G1.Assassin

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_600

Ready for War

Gigabyte_January 05, 2011_01

To find out all about the G1-Killer gaming series motherboards, please visit HERE.


  1. i like this G1-Killer
    please send me a full info of this board to my mail box

  2. when is the G1 Motherboards expected to be on sale in the UK?

  3. haha, indonesia is the best :P
    c'mon i wanna buy it right now, jakarta :D


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