Thursday, January 20, 2011

White PCB not for subzero overclocker, matt-black is the best choice says hicookie!

GIGABYTE labs undertake some interesting projects from time to time. One such project was to see what white PCB based OC boards would look like and if it would be worth making them in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Bottom line was that white PCB is not as good as mattblack for extreme overclockers. Here is more from hicookie on this matter (I left it unedited, you can read between the lines hehehe):

You might interesting in if PCB going to be white. in history, yes there are couple of boards in white from AMD reference board now doing some project, company has chance to let us pick color of PCB we did some researching and testing, subzero and extreme high temp so, im going to tell you, the white isn't for extreme overclockers.

When you do extreme overclocking, you can't avoid let water or motherboard get wet even after you finish the benching, and just now you need to clean the board you will feel, its hard to check if there is " water " or not, get wet? or not.

White isn't the way for extreme ocer, also not easy to re-work or RMA repair. we use the best coating to make it keeps the oringinal color not turn to yellow or old under 85°C burning, but the matt-color is always better than white.

For our researching, the mat-black is the best chooise of color for extreme overclocker with GIGABYTE's P67 and upcoming X58 highend boards will all using matt-black, is a trend, right?


  1. "Not as good for overclockers"... o_0 I assume what is meant by that is "Overclockers have no sense of style and thus prefer a matte-black board" :P I'm all for Black, and I like it more than the Gigabyte Blue, so it's a welcomed change! But seriously, white is just bad ass and has been done FAR too little! If people want black due to easier to hide components, then I say manufacturers should do like ASUS and offer a huge cooling plate over the whole board ;)

    Now if overclockers are wanting something that looks the part, perhaps lace the boards with EL wire or something heh

  2. I would seriously pay up to 1,000£ for a white AM3+ motherboard. I think there would actually be a big market for white PCBs, considering that many people do builds with white accents.


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