Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is Sandy Bridge the answer to massman’s never ending quest to replace socket 775 platform in 3DMARK2001?

Hwbot supremo, massman, just showed off a highly efficient 3DMARK2001 run on KP forum using a GIGABYTE P67A-UD4 and 2600K running at 5.3GHz. It seems that the new platform is much more efficient than the socket 775 (P45/X48) in the most popular 3D benchmark. Sandy bridge is about to dethrone the 3DMARK01 king it seems or is it. Stay tuned.


If you want to show off your overclocking skills there is a really fun competition organised at HWBOT this month. Here is the link:

Pickup your GIGABYTE Sandy Bridge boards and some K SKU CPUs such as 2500K or 2600K and go crazy. All you will need is a high end air cooler to max out the platform.

Not a fan of Intel platform? OK, there is an even more exciting AMD platform competition going on this month at HWBOT. GIGABYTE is giving away some new GA-E350N-USB3 fusion boards. Check it out here

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