Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rollercoaster day in overclocking community, No1 OCer on HWBOT Andre Yang banned for 1 year for result sharing!

Although HWBOT is not involved in this competition, we feel it’s our duty to stand up for the sake of the community and take actions based on what happened in the Lords of Overclocking competition. By sharing scores, you don’t only commit fraud in the competition, but also hurt overclockers from our small community that are trying to win this ticket by working hard to achieve their goal. This is something that no overclocking community, how small it may be, should tolerate. Therefore, we issue a 1-year ban to all the people involved: AndreYang, Hiwa,, KJ and Skinnee.


XtremeSystems Forum, the home of extreme overclocking, took an even more extreme decision and gave Andre Yang a lifetime ban.


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