Monday, July 12, 2010

News: GIGABYTE launches free Cloud OC and Hotkey OC utilities – overclocking GIGABYTE mobos just got even easier!


We are launching two free OC utilities today that will work on an extensive range of GIGABYTE mobos. Cloud OC allows you to monitor, tweak and control your system remotely from any web browser capable device (netbooks, notebook PCs, iPads, smart phones and even other desktop PCs). Possibly the most practical application for Cloud OC would be to use it to monitor and tweak OC settings on the fly during benchmarks that require you to run them in full screen mode, such as the 3D mark range from Futuremark. A normal PC setup with 1 monitor would not allow for this. You’d have to buy a 2nd display in order to keep an eye on your settings, temperatures, voltages, etc… Cloud OC is available for free and will work with your netbook or smart phone, and most PC enthusiasts have at least one of those…

We have prepared a press release, video and microsite with additional info., Overclocking-TV and HKEPC have also prepared some videos for your reference.


Hotkey OC allows you to jump between system profiles on the fly, i.e. while the benchmark is running. These profiles can be set using GIGABYTE’s EasyTune 6 utility, and then Hotkey OC simply allows you to assign specific keyboard keys to up to 4 profiles. It was designed for benchmarks such as 3D Mark 06 that run two graphics tests, then two CPU tests and then another two graphics shader tests – so it allows you to run your system on a graphics optimized profile for the graphics tests and a CPU optimized profile for the CPU tests. Hotkey OC is available for free and will work with every GIGABYTE motherboard currently in production.

Find out more from the official GIGABYTE press release, microsite or video. Overclocking-TV has also prepared a video with a live demonstration.

Very cool to find out that the GIGABYTE motherboard you purchased a year ago suddenly has additional features that come for free wouldn’t you say? Tell us what OC features you’d like to see on future GIGABYTE mobos by leaving a comment below.

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