Saturday, July 17, 2010

GO OC Europe 2010 “nail biting” regional final is over, massman wins, shock exit from hipro5 & elmor!

Mallorca – Spain was the host island of this year’s GO OC European Regional final and what a final it was. Overclocking TV put on the first radio broadcast programme to complement the live stream inviting overclockers around Europe and some international guests commenting on various topics including benchmark introductions, discussions on creating a fair competition, timeframes, pretesting and hardware related dramas that go with live benching.

We witnessed a very exciting final with a close finish for the second spot with no less than three teams sharing 50 points (Turkey, Romania & Serbia) only separated by their pifast runs. Massman put on a professional show and never looked shaky in first place even though there was some doubt when he posted a poor SuperPi score which was the highest point leg of the competition. Some shock exits from this leg of the competitions include Greece represented by hipro5 and Sweden represented by Mr.Even-Elmor.

Congratulations to the top5 teams for qualifying through to GOOC World Final in September (Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Serbia & Russia)  and commiserations to all the teams that missed out.


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